The Senior Section of Monash SDS caters for students aged 12-15 years, who have a moderate to profound intellectual disability, including students with Autism Spectrum Disorder and/or multiple disabilities.


Our aim is to provide all students with the best possible program incorporating DET guidelines and the Victorian curriculum.  Core Curriculum for students in the Senior section of the school cover areas in English, Mathematics, Health and Physical Education, The Arts, Science, History, Geography, Interpersonal Development and Electives Program.


Students start their day in their home room class.  They then move through a range of timetabled classes through the day, returning to their home rooms at the end of each school day.


Students also have the opportunity to be involved in specialist programs for example, Swimming, Music, Physical Education and Bike Education.  Monash SDS also offers a camp program ranging from day trips, overnight and three day camps.


Our extensive therapy team which include Speech, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy offer input into classroom programs to meet student needs.


Student Support Group Meetings (SSG) are held regularly during the year between staff and parents.  These meetings are used to discuss priorities and assist in developing individual goals for each student.


Regular assessment and review of student progress is carried out to ensure best outcomes.  Written reports are given twice a year.